For God. For Bhm. For You.

Belong. Become. Be love.

In a world where people are often defined by what they are against, may we be a community that is known by who we are for.

Our Vision

We're a church
for people
who’ve given up
on church.

The past doesn’t define you + the present doesn’t limit you. We are committed to being a church for people who have given up, + maybe even given up on church. God sees + accepts you for you. It is our mission to embrace you where you are + help you experience life to the full in Jesus.

Our Mission

To glorify God
+ lead people
into a life-changing relationship
with Jesus.

We are a community devoted to helping one another become more like Jesus in the way we live life and love others because of His great love for us. We embrace the invitation to love God fully and people deeply so that our family, neighborhood, city, + world become more like heaven.

+ + + +

You may notice that we use a + sign instead of the word “and” in all of our writing. It’s a small detail that helps to describe the kind of community we desire to be. For us, the + sign reminds us that because of the cross (+), there is always more. So, “and” means there’s always more to come! God has more in store for you through the cross + we exist to help you experience all that He has planned.

Our Core Values

Jesus: is everything
Worship: is our expression
God’s Word: is our authority
People: are our priority
Prayer: is our language
Life Change: is our passion

Our For Values

Relationships: they’re our heart
Servanthood: it’s our privilege
Generosity: it’s our joy
Excellence: it’s our desire
Honor: it’s our gift
Diversity: it’s our pursuit

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